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Hello, I am He Yifan (何以凡). I am a lecturer at Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics, China. My research interest is 🧬 Evolutionary Computation (EC). I have conducted several studies on EC, including the following sub-topics.

  • Program Synthesis
  • Fitness Landscape Analysis
  • Self-Adaptive Evolutionary Algorithm
  • Real-world Applications

I teach or have taught several courses in the university.

  • Principles and Applications of Database
  • Web Development in Python
  • Full Stack Development

Knowledge-Driven Program Synthesis

In this research, we focus on a Genetic Programming (GP) algorithm that improves itself.

Human programmers write programs every day. If we run a GP algorithm on the cloud and pose PS problem to this GP consecutively, this GP algorithm will face to endless and distinct problems, just like a human. An interesting thing is that we human improve ourselves by practicing on these problems. Very naturally, we want to ask if GP can solve problems and improve itself like a human? Unfortunately, the traditional GP cannot do this. You run GP several repetitions to solve the same problem, the performance does not get better.

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